Critical Infrastructure Security

Is your organization vulnerable to fault, incident or attack? Security Through Safe Design can help you to prepare for and respond to serious incidents impacting your critical infrastructure.

Your systems and assets, whether physical or virtual which are vital to your organization’s ability to function must be protected. Your critical infrastructure environments need vigilant protection from human error, cyber threats, malicious insiders and other potential attacks. The destruction or incapacity of these systems or assets may have a debilitating impact on physical security, financial security, health & safety or any combination of these.

Security Through Safe Design can help to ensure that your physical critical infrastructure remains secure and resilient by way of the identification and disruption of threats, reduction of vulnerabilities, minimization of consequences, and the hastening of response and recovery. Security Through Safe Design will help your organization to strengthen the security and resilience of your organization’s infrastructure and manage risks.

Disruptions to critical infrastructure can lead to catastrophic injury and loss of life, reduced public confidence, and detrimental financial effects. Fortunately, many of these risks can be mitigated through maximizing the visibility, security and control of your operational environments.

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Critical Infrastructure
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Security Through Safe Design can conduct a thorough threat risk and vulnerability analysis for your organization taking careful note of deficiencies and vulnerabilities involving your critical infrastructure that leave you exposed to risk. In addition to vulnerabilities, Security Through Safe Design will also identify interdependencies and the cascading effects of impacts to your critical infrastructure.

A comprehensive threat risk and vulnerability analysis will evaluate every aspect of your security profile throughout your operation. Security Through Safe Design will determine which aspects of your organization’s infrastructure are critical to maintaining continued functions or services, and vulnerable to threats or hazards. Critical subsets of infrastructure will be identified and acknowledged, and steps taken to protect them both pre- emptively and post-incident.

Security Through Safe Design will also examine the processes, facilities, networks, systems, technologies and assets that are critical to your organization’s ability to function effectively. Existing systems will be improved, and limitations understood utilizing best practices and by recognizing new approaches to address these evolving issues.

Security Through Safe Design’s strategies and solutions will help to strengthen and enhance the resiliency and security of crucial assets and systems and address both intentional and accidental incidents.

Infrastructure Security Design

Experts in Infrastructure Security Design, Security Through Safe Design’s team of experienced professionals will develop a plan that works, tailored to your individual needs. The team’s broad range of experience brings extensive knowledge and various perspectives to your situation, providing imaginative solutions to tackle your organization’s security challenges. Security Through Safe Design’s in-depth experience in a broad range of industries, agencies and government makes the firm uniquely qualified to meet your organization’s security needs, whether public or private sector.

The Security Through Safe Design team can build and refocus your security frameworks, including physical and personnel security measures, governance structures, policies, contingency plans, training and awareness and physical security assessments. The team will also help you to develop business continuity and crisis management plans, to help speed recovery after business interruption.

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