Security Through Safe Design

Creating Safe Environments

Canada’s leader in security consultation, Security Through Safe Design has helped industry, government, and organizations throughout North America create safe environments since 1998.

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Security Through Safe Design’s niche security consulting services have earned prestigious awards and accolades, along with an extensive word-of-mouth referral network. Security Through Safe Design& team of ASIS board-certified professionals possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of security, public safety, policing and crime prevention. Our elite team of specialists is committed to providing premier security expertise to clients for the creation of safe and secure environments.

Specializing in Architectural Design Development and Review to proactively incorporate security mitigations at the initial design phase, Security Through Safe Design offers creative solutions that deliver positive impacts.

Security Through Safe Design Inc. is an organization that provides a niche portfolio of specialized security services to private and public sectors across Canada. Our services include:

  • Physical Security Assessments
  • Threat Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Architectural Design Development and Review
  • Security Systems Design
  • Security Project Management and Implementation
  • Development of Security Plans, Policies and Procedures
  • Development of Emergency Response Plans and Procedures

Security Through Safe Design’s security consultants supply industry- leading expertise for rail and major public transit projects across Canada. Delivering the direct benefits of public safety and the indirect benefits of operational and service enhancements, the security of assets and infrastructure is a must for any transit agency. Security Through Safe Design provides optimal security solutions that produce a timely travel
experience while keeping the public, operators and cargo safe.

Completing projects on time and within your budget, Security Through Safe Design dispenses turnkey project management and implementation. All services are piloted through a single point of contact, managing and overseeing each project from conception to completion. Through effective communication with both clients and service providers, project accuracy and satisfaction are ensured.

Security Through Safe Design’s independence, experience and extensive industry network can impart vendor-neutral guidance and recommendations for objective solutions that are best suited to your specific security requirements, environment and budget.

Not limited to new projects, Security Through Safe Design can examine the processes, facilities, networks, systems, technologies and assets that are critical to your organization’s ability to function effectively. Utilizing best practices, Security Through Safe Design can help to strengthen and enhance the resiliency and security of crucial assets and systems and address both intentional and accidental incidents.

Striving to be Canada’s most respected security consulting group, Security Through Safe Design assists prominent organizations in the protection of their most valued assets. Security Through Safe Design can tackle the most complicated of challenges, in any sector or discipline. Previous and current high-profile projects include: Ottawa’s Confederation Light Rail Transit, Toronto’s Eglinton Cross Town Light Rail Transit, Finch Light Rail Transit, Hurontario Light Rail Transit, Yonge North & Scarborough Subway Extensions, Parliament Hill Rehabilitation/Centre Block Project, and Winnipeg’s Canadian Museum of Human Rights. Whether your project involves facilities, transportation or other arenas, Security Through Safe Design can help deter criminal activity and create safer environments for all stakeholders.

We Help Create Safe and Secure Environments