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For more than two decades, Ottawa-based Security Through Safe Design’s team of ASIS board-certified professionals has been providing premier security expertise and a comprehensive range of security services to clients throughout North America.

Security Through Safe Design’s award-winning elite team of security experts offers in-depth knowledge and experience in the fields of security, public safety, policing and crime prevention. Government departments and agencies, institutions and organizations of all sizes trust Security Through Safe Design to assess, review, design and implement security and safety mitigations at every level, creating safe environments for all.

A leading security design contractor, Security Through Safe Design knows that vulnerabilities within organizations can lead to disruptions to critical infrastructure. In turn, these disruptions can lead to catastrophic injury/ loss of life, reduced public confidence and detrimental financial effects. Security Through Safe Design can help you to prepare for and respond to serious incidents, mitigating the ramifications of these events.

Experts in; Critical Infrastructure Security Design, Architectural Security Design, Security System Design, Transit Security Consulting, Threat Risk Analysis and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.

Security Through Safe Design’s team of security consultants work with your organization’s requirements to offer optimal strategies and solutions based upon best practices. Security Through Safe Design can help to strengthen and enhance the resiliency and security of crucial assets and systems and address both intentional and accidental incidents.

Featured Services

CPTED Assessment

A Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) assessment can identify security design issues during the planning stages of a new construction or retrofit of an existing facility.

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Critical Infrastructure Security

We can help you prepare and respond to serious incidents impacting your critical infrastructure and help to ensure your physical critical infrastructure remains secure and resilient.

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Threat Risk Analysis

We’ll perform a threat risk and vulnerability analysis for your organization to determine the existing state of building security, identify weaknesses, and assess current methods used for the protection of assets.

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Transit Security Consulting

Transit Security Design is most effective when incorporated right from the beginning. We can assist long before a single shovel hits the ground, helping to keep your project within budget and avoiding unnecessary problems.

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Canada’s Leader in Security Consultation

If you are planning new facilities or retrofitting existing ones, the experienced and certified security experts at Security Through Safe Design can provide your organization with cost-effective solutions custom-tailored to your requirements, environment and budget. From building protection to physical safety and intellectual property, Security Through Safe Design’s experts can support your organization at every stage in the process. Existing protocols can be examined, tested, and reviewed, or entirely new procedures developed to meet your goals.

Security threats are growing more sophisticated, requiring complex responses. As security breaches continue to soar, the risk of disruption to your organization increases daily. Physical threats can lead to catastrophic losses, injury, and diminished public confidence. Security Through Safe Design put preventative measures in place, protecting your organization from theft, disruption or harm. Security Through Safe Design can also support you forensically after an incident, identifying what went wrong, where and when.

Unclear about the full spectrum of risks your organization faces? Security Through Safe Design can help you to recognize and understand the risks, identify vulnerabilities, prepare for disruptions and quickly respond to incidents to minimize danger to human life, damage to facilities, and disturbances to your business. Through a multi-faceted approach, threats can be anticipated, countered and quickly quashed.

Selection of Recent Projects

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