CPTED Training

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, or CPTED (pronounced sep-ted), is a proven set of design and security principles that are internationally recognized and used by planners, designers, police agencies, security professionals, academics, educators, retailers and others to reduce the fear and incidence of crime, as well as improve quality of life.

STSD Inc. offers CPTED Training Courses to security professionals, architects, interior designers, property managers and anyone who may be interested in assessing, recommending and deploying building-design elements that will enhance the safety and security of their facilities.

Our Training Courses will introduce you to the history and fundamentals of CPTED, explore the application of the principles, and provide you with the necessary tools to implement CPTED in your community, corporation or organization.

We offer both Basic and Advanced level training.

Basic Level 1

This course will provide you with the necessary tools to implement CPTED in your community, corporation or organization.  It will also include practical exercises, case studies, site plan review, a lighting presentation and an opportunity to work in a group setting to practice what is learned throughout the course.  Some of the topics covered throughout the course include:
  •     A brief overview of crime prevention and the history of CPTED
  •     The three fundamentals of CPTED (Natural Surveillance, Natural Access Control
        and Territoriality)
  •     The Three D’s
  •     Numerous practical exercises
  •     CPTED and the Planning Process

Advanced Level 2

This course will examine specific CPTED applications in more depth.  Working in groups, you will be sent out in the field to complete a comprehensive CPTED assessment of both an exterior and interior site and report the findings in a PowerPoint presentation format to the rest of the group. Additionally there will be detailed instruction with respect to:
  •     Interior Design
  •     ATM & Bank Design & Location
  •     Surface and Garage Parking Lot Design
  •     School Design
  •     Legal/ Liability Implications
  •     In-Depth Review of Target Hardening (CCTV & Access Control)


Combined Levels 1 and 2

We offer a discount to those who sign up for both courses.

Apply for our 2019 Combined Level 1+2 CPTED Courses in Ottawa

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CPTED Training Schedule

Basic Level 1 in Ottawa
October 28 - 30, 2019

Advanced Level 2 in Ottawa
October 31 - November 1, 2019

Combined Levels 1+2 in Ottawa
October 28 - November 1, 2019